Leonie Isabel Appels (LIA). 24 years old Fashion Designer and Blogger.
Born in Münster – grown up in Munich.
Studied fashion design in Berlin for 3 years. Worked for Stone Island (currently ), Aitor Throup, Achtland and many more…
Living in Italy, Milano. Quit her Job as Junior Fashion Stylist in the well-known online shop for working on a more creative base in the design team of Stone Island.
Clear and pure style, no prints, less colors but even more important, quality beats quantity. Loves the unadulterated. Earthy tones and gentle materials. Soft, comfortable, fluent, simple .Outfits bribe in their simplicity. Opposites, but also matches. Minimalist and yet occasionally somewhat playful. High-quality materials that stand out from the crowd, a bit slow and not just fast. Finding the right break and the right balance between all these components, which is what most fail, but changes almost everything and what she wants to inspire you with.