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I am back ! Back with Space Buns ! So sorry its been quiet a long time i did not make a new post but you know these periods in life where there seems to be no time for nothing. But now i am back to life, back to normal and back to what i love to do. 

I had a wonderful weekend. Oh yes, it was sunny and finally it felt a bit like spring. The sunbeams touched my face as if they haven’t touched it since years. Honestly strolling in the sun it felt like vacation time already. To sense the warmth of the sun while closing my eyes made me feel like heaven, while my leather jacket charged itself through absorbing sensible heat as black commonly attracts heat. So it felt like walking around with a portable heating blanket, which is definitely amazing after the last perceived 4 months of rain and nasty weather in milan. 

Ok it was still quiet cold among the shades but i tried to use only these side of the streets which where located within the sunny part, although i had to take some circuits for that. But as i was kind of Vitamin D addicted that day i just had to use every single sunbeam i could get, haha.

Actually i had a very relaxing and typical weekend in Milan but with a little special twist and i do not mean my funky hair buns with that ;). The saturday started as usual with visiting my favorite little coffe on the other side of the Naviglio Grande River, where i always get my cappuccino and croissant with chocolate filling..mhhhhh…After i took a walk as mentioned with a few circuits to Romolo and after back to Tortona area to have a little look around the several areas.

You have to know i have been searching for a new flat in milan as mine is very pretty but quiet small. So for my last 3 months here in Italy Summer (May to July) i wanted to have a bigger place with an open space. Yap actually the open space is the main reason as my flat has none and in summer having the possibility to enjoy italys sun -come on- i can’t miss that, no? And on the other hand i anyway love searching for flats and visiting different places. So i made some appointments and had a look at different flats in different areas. 

It is quiet hard to find something better than i actually have, as my landlord is a dream, the flat is super super cute and lovely furnished and i am inmidst of a pedestrian area at the Alzaia naviglio Grande. So after seeing all the other parts of the city i came to the conclusion so definitely stay in the navigli area, as in my opinion it is the most lovely (ok brera is amazing too). Lucky me i could have a look on two flats in the navigli area on sunday noon and honestly one of them has been AMAZING. So i decided to go for it !

Oh my god. It is more than amazing, it is perfect! It was love at first sight. But i will tell you more about that when it’s nearer the time. I move there first of may, so stay tuned ! It is wonderful, bright and the best it has a big and wonderful wooden terrace. This summer is going to be awesome ! 

So my weekend turned out to be a quiet successful one and i am so unbelievable happy now because i love looking forward to something great, which i definitely can do now!!! 

This weekend i felt like going a step further and dare to try something new. So not only for flats, no, also with my outfit i tried something new. Especially my hair haha. Yes i know the buns they remind a bit of micky mouse, but this hairstyle is so damn comfortable and on the other hand i think the buns are really cute and you look definitely different from all the others with their open long hair, which is what i love. To contrast with the mass, but still staying restrained and discreet. Since although it felt like summer it wasn’t i could not wear my summer dress without tights and pullover. So i decided to go for a summer winter mix which in my opinion turned out to be a proper cute weekend city look. Therefore I combined a black thin turtleneck with a summery silk dress, black tights, patent leather boots, my lovely leather Prada bucket back and my one and only Celine leather jacket. After strolling through the city i strolled a bit through the world wide web for you to find a quiet similar look to get. Have a look though!

Shop My Space Buns Look

Leather Jacket, Celine (Get it here/ Budget version here)

Bucket Bag, Prada (Get similar here/ Budget version here)

Patent leather Boots, Prada (Get similar here or here/ Budget version here or here)

Silk Dress, Markus Lupfer (Get similar here or here/ Sale version here)

Black thin Turtleneck (Get similar here)

Black Tights (Get similar here)

How to do my Hairstyle, Youtube tutorial (Watch and learn here)

Hair clasps and Ties for the buns (Get it here and here)

Oh it feels too good to be true to leave the bulky winter jacket in the closet and say hello to my lovely leather best friend. In my opinion the dress and the space buns hairstyle are quiet eye-catching already for what reason i decided to not match it up with many more accessories or other bling bling. Keeping it simple, don’t overdo it, never forget that. You have to feel comfortable, not disguised because as you know “With comfort comes confidence“.

If you guys are interested i could add some of my favorite places in the Navigli area up on the blog. Like my little cafe, an amazing ice cream place, the best 2 bars, a wonderful hotel 5 mins from my apartment, a really good burger place or a tip of where to grab a cheap but really good pizza and many more things. Just leave a comment and i will glean some of my best little insider tips for a perfect milanese weekend trip around navigli.

Now all of you have a wonderful week, stay strong! The weekend approaches 😉

Cheers LIA


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