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Cozy Knit Nights – when knitwear safes your days


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Oh i can’t tell you how this weather makes me sick. The day i thought it’s over with the coldest period of the year, the day i started to wear sneakers with low socks again and gave up on the 3 long sleeves layering underneath each sweater, it actually turned out to be exactly that day where it became even worse than before.

 Since that day It’s raining like literally all day everyday. Its cloudy, windy, rainy… god such a nasty weather. And with the nasty weather there comes the nasty mood of colleagues at work…and just everybody on the streets passing by with their depressed faces already thinking about their cozy bed just having it left behind for max. 1 hour. 

And withit also my mood drops while walking home through the wet streets of grey concealed Milano because i can’t use my bike as it is super slippery. So after I finally returned back home pretending to be a human being while appearing like a wet frozen piece of sadness (tired, and looking like a drowned rat )that is it, that moment in the year where everything feels like dropping down on your head getting kind of to heavy to hold by your own. Do you know that feeling?

I am normally a very happy person, i have everything i need to be lucky, really…it’s just. Sometimes i miss my city, my language, like that what means home to me. Yes i love traveling, and i love working in different cities, because its sooo inspirational meeting new people, seeing new companies, learning other languages and so on… but sometimes it just turns out to be a little too much in one. And it also requires a lot of energy and strength of you. 

You have to know i just had about 9 weeks of language school and couldn’t speak any italian before i started at my current Work Place. So if someone is talking to me in the same speech tempo as in school, ok va bene, i understand and maybe i am even able to answer. but as soon as they start talking, singing, screaming, jelling, talking as if someone did press the fast-forward-button, like literally all of them at the same time ? Come on honestly? Of course i can’t follow. IO NON CAPISCO NIENTE!

And believe me, 9 hours of italian language a day, while trying to work properly and just catching up some words that doesn’t make any sense because therefore your vocabulary is not sufficient enough? OH yes, you are so damn right. I just want to shoot my myself in these moments. 

So … it’s this time of the year, the late winter depression, where everything seems to be worse than it actually is and  it is this time of the year, when only one thing can make you feel better. Yap and that is definitely KNITWEAR. COZY FLUFFLY KNITWEAR. If the world just brushes on you like a sandpaper, at least your knitwear can touch you softly. You definitely need your softest sweaters, dresses, trousers, socks and scarfs… NOW!!! The bigger the better and implicitly Knitwear. What is better than coming home from working, getting rid of your clothes in less than 5 seconds, grabing a cozy/soft knit, a jogging pants and ahhh place yourself on the couch enjoying the pure softness surrounding you all over. 

Jap that is what i do in those days. What would i do without my lovely cozy knits. If i can’t decide i just wear two, or three. (as anyway nothing is warm enough when coming home after walking through rainy slippery nasty milan these days) God so good in my soft home knitted chill outfit. 

But also knitwear is not knitwear. Means specially within knitwear you should keep an eye on Quality , i promise you will thank yourself for that, each day you are wearing it, as it will just feel awesomly wonderful if its a proper quality. I swear ! So go get your coziest knit out of your closet, make yourself a good smelling tea, get a piece of choccolate, put on a really relaxing song, or something that reminds you of good times, lay back and enjoy. ENJOY with all your heart,( its just about 12 hours and you have to go back to work ahhh). No joke, really don’t think about that and enjoy “the end of the work day”. These days its definitely the best part of it. Isn’t it ? 

Have a wonderful Cozy Knit night

Cheers Lia

PS: If any of you want to know where to get these wonderful Knits just leave a comment and i will add some links for you ! XXX


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