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The Puffer Madness – featherweight Love


Uff… it’s been quiet taff first two weeks back at work. So sorry it took me so long getting the next post ready for you. But finally here it is. YEY. As last week i had to go to the office aswell on Sunday for some presentations and a dinner with the sales guys from all over the world i am pretty happy having this weekend just for me without any commitments. I really need this though as i am really frazzled. Yap, you’re bang on! The trend with the puffer jacket it finally also got me…I swear i am normally not the one channeling trends, but i have to say these puffer jackets are really comfy, proper lightweight, fantastically warm and they look soooo airy coming with their oversized shape. I mean this jacket combines everything a warm winter jacket should, no? So forgive me, but i just couldn’t resist.

I’ve found this great piece while strolling through Milan city center on a Saturday noon. And if it would not have been enough to find this marvelous puffy item it’s also been on SALE. Oh I just had to take it. By the way, you have to know, the only size left has been an XL. Yes no joke, Extra Large. But that didn’t kill the vibe at all, I’ve been to big on that one i still tried it on. And i have to say luckily it’s only been there in a bigger size as it looks wayyyyy cooler like that than in the actual size needed (as you can see in their online shop). So definitely go for a BIG SIZE! Yap so i am honestly wearing an XL-Puffer jacket haha. Feels quiet weird to see the size written inside of it each time i pull it on. But anyway, if i turn out to get fat some day this jacket will still fit me. What a shop though!

Walking through sunny Milan with my brand new puffer jacket i found this gorgeous little snickleway inmidst of Navigli. I barely couldn’t resist taking some shots for you. So here we go with another Black outfit (i hope you like it though). For keeping it easy and unobtrusive, specially at the moment, (as milan is full of fashionistas thinking the street is their personal catwalk ) I decided to wear a simple cashmere turtleneck and my fav skinny black jeans.

Uh so fun to just grap a coffee, get cozy and watch all these FW people through the window. It’s pretty much better than any movie. There are so many funny but aswell stunning and well dressed people with fancy details and combinations on: this either has to be an inspiration or makes you smirk . So no matter what it turns out to be, it is anyway totally worth watching.haha.

By the way the mesh socks are an integral part of the look, as it is a discontinuity and gives this simple Outfit a little lady like touch while the rest is more or less sportive. The black shoulder bag (i already showed you in my cozy cashmere look ) i decided to wear underneath the jacket this time, as i wanted the shape to remain really puffy and it doesn’t shrink under the weight of the shoulder strip. Second good thing about it : Your stuff is safer than ever ! Which in Milan can never be wrong. Or would somebody steel a bag from underneath your jacket that he can barely see? Right. So just hide it, stay safe and be really fluffy puffy comfy. Enjoy.

Cheers Lia

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