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Why Fashion ? – Let’s talk about myself and me, Let’s talk about all the good things, all the bad things, Yes Baby !




So I thought it could not be wrong to write a little about me after all. I think its always easier to have a rough picture of someone from whom you may be inspired, a picture and a character behind what you are reading. And this includes not only photos with fancy outfits, but also my personality, what I have done so far and what I would like to offer you with my blog ( if you not yet found out ). Oh, I believe I have many, very many ideas and I am burning to share all of my thoughts with you. To be honest I wanted to put this post as my first post but than there came so many ideas in between that this one just had to wait a little while. Well, now here it is. A little extract of myself and me. And as the phrase goes: „Better late than never“. Well, let’s get started.


The person behind the texts, statements, inspirations and ideas. My name is Leonie Isabel Appels. I am spontaneous, very communicative and open to almost everyone immediately. Which is not always an advantage, as you can be attacked more quickly and easily. But seeing the other side of the coin, you can be sure that you will get to know so many wonderful people that it is definitely worth being immensely open. In addition, after a few years you will have a certain knowledge of the human being and learn quite quickly to whom you can trust and whom not. I am 24 years old, about 1.64 m tall, blonde and currently living in Milan. In addition, I am trained fashion designer, love to work creatively and could not imagine me doing anything else.


I love the pure, the unadulterated Fashion. Earthy tones and gentle materials. Soft, comfortable, fluent, simple. Outfits bribe in their simplicity. Uni colors, pure tones and the combination of coarse materials with flowing ones. Opposites, but also matches…minimalist and yet occasionally somewhat playful. High-quality materials that stand out from the crowd, a bit slow and not just fast. Finding the right break and the right balance between all these components: This what most fail, but changes almost everything and what I will help you find within my blog.


I moved pretty much right after final exams – yes admitted with a small but powerful thrust of my mother – straight up to Berlin to study Fashion Design for three years. And I did not regret it a single day. Even if the beginning was anything but easy for me .. here is a little retrospect:

You can not imagine what a cultural shock I suffered after my moving to the German capital Berlin. Yes I admit, I had 0,0 or better say not even a bit fitted into Berlin. How frightful were my initial attempts to be something alternative, even casual, to look older than I actually have been, just to somehow float in the masses of the Berlin scene, or better even to go down in it. Just not being noticed at all. I just wanted to be part of it, adapt to my environment, like a chameleon on a leaf. And therefore inevitably tried to change my style from today to tomorrow. What with a munich wardrobe God knows was everything else but easy. Well, all beginnings are difficult and so I was forced to sort out at least a part of my clothes (and that was anyway last call, as i still had stuff in closet from where i’ve been 15 years old).

It took me quiet a long time finding my style and even today, there are occasional moments when I feel I’ve still not arrived, but all in all, I’m very pleased with my fashionable development and that would never have been happened without berlin… so THANKS BERLIN

But not only in fashion, Berlin has shaped me, also and precisely in my personality development. For the first time alone in a big city, so far from the familiar this requires a certain openness which you either bring directly or just learn. I chose second. I was rather shy, mostly in the background, and have been pretty happy with my munich friends, living my habitual life. So why finding new friends? Why starting a new life somwhere far from all my beloved ones, although the old life has been already really wonderful. I could not imagine what would have become of me if I had not moved to Berlin. Today, I love to meet new people, to discover new things and to not pin down in a usual trot but to absorb more and more impressions and thus more and more inspiration. I tell you one thing, go away, see the world! Meet new people, it’s so damn important to shape your personality. 

From Berlin I moved to Hamburg, then to London, then back to Munich and now I am in Milan and who knows where I am going next! Life is too short to stay in one place and there is so much exciting to discover out there. One also learns to expand its ways of thinking, yes to simply think outside the box. And again Berlin has been the beginning of my journey and everything to follow: So here again THANKS BERLIN!


Fashion for me it is much more than just clothing, there is so much exciting behind it, so much that most of us do not even deal with. I’ve watched the Movie/documentary „The true cost“ last year and it has opened my eyes ever since. Much has changed in my way of thinking, because if you deal, if only minimally, a bit more in detail with fashion, you can loose yourself in the subject and face it suddenly with a completely different view. Fashion is the image of our own brought to our outward. You want to show people unconsciously something with your look. You either belong to a group of people, you try to overshadow your insecurity, yes you can even visually simulate another role … Fashion has so much power and is so important for us that it would actually only be right now and then to address something more in detail with this topic. As fashion is, even if sometimes unconsciously, such an important part of our lifes we should try to open our eyes and look behind the big fat, untransparent curtain of the production side. To make fashion remain something wonderful, and not turning it into something cruel for half of us. If you want to have a brief glimpse behind the only wonderful and glittery side of fashion have a look at the documentary. I am sure it will also change your point of view. And i normally do not prefer documentary’s, believe me. But this one is stunning! I love to fashion myself, to draw it, to sew it, it’s haptics, to give other some of my ideas, i love everything about it. Yes, and specially I love to inspire others. To make them aware of my passion and my ideas to be convincing, not only contentual but also visually.



Because of this, I applied 2015 at as a junior fashion stylist and I do not regret it at all. It was definitely a good experience in many ways, but I missed the creative part. Too many guidelines, and the pure working with already finished products. My little heart simply could no longer beat for it. So I needed a change. I need and i want the craftsmanship. The work directly within the design process and above that the freedom of giving my inspiration a free run. I am very familiar with fashion and mytheresa has definitely shaped me in this regard even more, expanded my brand understanding , but also strengthened me in my personality. In a company with only women, you have either elbows or you just have to grow some (which is sometimes not so easy ). Believe me, you learn a lot about how to handle different situations with different characters. Apart from that i learned a lot about what fits together depending colors and fits of mytheresa’s target group. That sometimes has been one of the hardest parts. Because, asking me… grey, beige, white, black and blue would be enough colors to exist. I like it simple. But mytheresa taught me, that sometimes adding (a little) color into some outfits is what makes them eye-catching in the end. Ok i learned colors can be nice, but still I would choose covered tones. A little spot of color while keeping it simple and minimal, yes it won’t hurt – just don’t try to overdo, if you know what i mean.


While working in London in the Production Team of Aitor Throup my working hours where not human at all. I started around 8 till 11/12 o’clock in the night, and guys not only monday to friday no as well saturday or sunday or sometimes even both. But still in the end i was sad leaving those people there. All interesting and creative people and all struggling with the same things you do. I got inspiration from them and most of the time really good friends out of it. Since that experience all other companies have been a blessing depending working hours. 


Now working for Stone Island, it’s another challenge than before. This time i have a real great team of people. Jovially, affectionate, courteous. Really good people. But there is this language barrier and it can be quiet energy sapping to listen to italians all talking at the same time, while understanding only single phrases of which building a sentence in my head fails miserably (until now). Well, thats what i am here for, new challenges and tasks, by whatever means. And i am sure it’s a hard but really good way to force yourself learning a language in a short period of time.

Well i could tell you way more about work, about what every single work station, my thoughts and what i learned out of it, but i think that would really go beyond the constraints. So lets go on …


On some days I just stare with self-confidence, on others, I would prefer to creep into a little room and steal myself from the glances of others. I think this is normal … but I’ve found out that what I wear is incredibly much to contribute. When I wear something in which I feel comfortable and what flatters me, I am a completely different person. Of course I also try new things now and than, thinking WOW at home in front of the mirror, but as soon as I am outside, seeing the other perfectly dressed girls, my so-called self-confidence shrinks to a minimum of its size, yes it even becomes so small that I It sometimes can not recover it for hours. Something like that can be easily avoided and believe me it took me aswell some time to find it, my style, my essence, myself. Out of this big stew of fashion, out of the masses, which floods us every day. But you have to learn from the times when “you werent yourself”, because with comfort comes confidence! And now that I’ve arrived at this point, but just know how hard it is to get there, I’d like to help you. I want to share my experiences with you and be an inspiration for you. So…here I am.

Cheers Lia



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