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Let your look bribe in it’s simplicity – Unobtrusive tones


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Closing the week with another wintery look. Since I am sitting in the car since about three hours, I am only 181 km far from Milan where monday my daily routine will have me back. I enjoyed my time at home and am sad to leave already but on the other hand I am also very excited and happy about new chances and possibilities at work but also in my life in Italy ! So here we go with part one of my last posts shot during this wonderful winter vacation in my beloved home city Munich …

As the weather in munich turned out to be pretty nasty since yesterday, I took the chance on thursday to make a wonderful new outfit shoot for you, while catching the last sunbeams in the late afternoon. Oh I am going to miss this cozy home inmidst of nature, far away from the actual , where everything seems to be in total unison. But let’s not get too melancholic…

Did you see the crystals in the reeds ? They were so elusively stunning I couldn’t resist to capture them in a photography to show them to you! I was so impressed by finding the right perspective to present them only nearly as wonderful as they were in real … that in the end I truly had to hurry to not let the last rays of sunshine vanish behind the alps before taking a few shots of my outfit. Which I admittedly shortly forgot while starring at this almost artificial crystals, blazing in the sun like little wonders.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.

Fashion is in the sky, in the street,

fashion has to do with ideas,

the way we live, what is happening.”

-Coco Chanel

Oh it’s been mighty icy this day, as at night we got about -18 degrees . But at least the sky has been clear and the water of the surrounding lake presented itself without any movement – kind of calming to watch though. For temperatures like that even the best cashmere pullover is not sufficiently anymore. So that I had to wrap myself into some layers to keep myself warm.

The black knit is an eye catcher in each and every look and at the same time comes with 100% comfort. As i love these unobtrusive tones grey and black I’ve chosen a grey coat on top my black pants and pullover. Coats i could have in barely all the colors existing as it tops up every outfit and yet gives it a dressed up touch. The material mix between the coarse yet heavy knit and the sleek plain grey coat makes this look a casual and simple one .

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I prefer those outfits appearing a bit random and loose instead of having it perfect in every order and fit. To conclude just add a big scarf, whip it on and let this look bribe in it’s simplicity. Because what is more unsympathetic than being too perfect , or what kind of woman do you like better ? You see, exactly ! So don’t stress yourself too much. There is only one rule : always wear what comforts you and withit makes you confident before masking up into another role.

For those of you preferring the all black everything method ( oh i love black ), I combined this simple outfit aswell with my lovely Celine leather jacket , more pictures will follow up next week ! Stay tuned! Cheers Lia !

leather jacket detail


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