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Cozy and Stylish Cashmere look for a lazy Winter


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A few days ago, a true cold spell rolled through our area, taking temperatures down to nearly -3 degrees. I don’t mind the cold weather, but there comes this point where the temperatures become pretty unpleasant and nasty to experience without putting on as many layerings as possible, trying to not look like a Mischelin manikin. But don’t worry we no longer need to put on longsleeves, long johns or tights with a pair of trousers on top and 2-3 layers of pullovers to keep ourselfs warm!

What we need now is definitely something we can wrap ourselfs into, keeping us warm, but still looking casually good with this special simple touch of elegance. Oh yes, i am talking about cashmere. I always knew that cashmere feels fantastically good and keeps myself warm. So i decided to invest in only one really good cashmere pullover, instead of five wool/poly mixed ones and i have to say it is so damn worth it. The first good thing about it is, i operate against my anyway way too stuffed closet (and withit the mass consumption of fashion) and on the other hand invest into something (with the same amount of money, ok instead of 5 only 1) which is there for a lifetime and keeps me warmer than any other pullover which doesn’t contain of cashmere.

I promise you can see the quality of a good piece over miles if you hold it beside another really nice one, which is only made of cheap materials… I am definitely not the person wearing only super expensive, sustainable materials, but i think before supporting this mass consumption we are all stuck into, it’s perfect to find the right balance between combining cheaper pieces with better ones and withit unconsiously encourage slow fashion.

“With comfort comes confidence!”

My Outfit pick for today i found on Eileen Fisher’s website and i love it so much. The colour and the loose fit is just as comfortable as it can be and with only a skirt and a overzised pullover so toasty. With comfort comes confidence ! Eileen Fisher’s designs are characterized by simplicity. This company emphasized sustainability, with 70% of the cotton used in its clothing sourced from organic cotton. They also started a recycling program in order to reduce fabric and fiber waste.Customers can give back their „gently used“ clothing and get a 5$ gift certificate in return for each article. If possible they resell the garments and fund business grants for woman with the income they get out of it. I do not like everything brwosing through their website, but combined in the right way these things are really eye catching. Here certainly quality beats quantity.

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Pullover ( Buy it here– currently out of stock)

Skirt ( Buy it here – currently out of stock)

Sneakers ( Buy it here )

Bag ( Buy similar here )

I cherish the combination of one and the same clean fabric for top and bottom. By tucking the pullover losely into the skirt, it gets a feminin yet casual look, while by leaving it tucked out it becomes a cooler touch. White sneakers with a glimpse of silver and a little shoulder bag complete this style. I would definitely recommend this looks to everybody as i did not regret it a single day. I am in love with this look! How would you combine it ? Cheers !

This Look is currently out of Stock but i keep you updated as soon as it is available again !



  1. Michael

    This Look Is My Favorite One!

    04 . 01 . 2017
  2. Christabell

    Looks so cosy! I want it too!!! Also love the photography and colour tone 😉

    04 . 01 . 2017
    • Leonie Isabel Appels

      Thank You !

      04 . 01 . 2017

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